Midtown business improvement grants are in!

One of the driving principles of the Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency is to support our city’s economic development and business improvement through designated districts. The More in Midtown project is located in the College Park/University Heights redevelopment district. Area business owners were able to apply for several CRA grants to complement our streetscape renovation — most CRA Grants covered over 50% to 100% of the business owner’s cost of improvements.

The application period ended December 1st and we are so excited to announce that we’ll be launching 12 façade grants, 4 paint grants and 6 architectural assistance grants to stakeholders in this neighborhood. While a few are in progress, and some are complete, most of the work on the business facades will start in 2018. Our new, wider street will make these improvements more efficient.

Like we said, it’s gonna look soooo different.

One proposed project is a full renovation of the Florida Bookstore building, located on 1614 W University Ave. It will be converted to house a Walgreens on the ground floor and a restaurant on the second level.

Architectural Assistance:

Study Edge
Gator Spirit
Delta Upsilon
Pascal’s Coffee House & CSC
Pi Kappa Alpha
The Swamp Office

Façade Grant:

Lutheran Church
Lutheran Church – Study House
Study Edge
Pascal’s Coffee House & Christian Study Center
Pi Kappa Alpha
Delta Upsilon
St. Augustine Church
Baptist Collegiate Ministries at the University of Florida
The Swamp Restaurant
The Swamp Office
Gator Spirit Food Store
Florida Bookstore

Paint Program:

Looking Glass Apartments

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