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May 3rd
The final pavement has been laid and temporary street markings have gone down. The final thermoplastic street markings will be installed after the asphalt cures for 14 days. In the next two weeks, the remaining street furnishings and dumpster enclosures will be installed, pavers will be laid, and the street will be cleaned.
Apr 5th
All of the utility work is complete, and GRU has removed the remaining utility poles. Final concrete work is underway, including filling the holes where the utility poles stood and laying the pads for the new dumpster enclosures.
Mar 16th
All electrical switchovers are complete, and crews will be removing their equipment from the poles. In the meantime, temporary concrete will be removed and new concrete poured. The installation of the new street furnishings has begun.
Jan 19th
GRU electric is powering all blocks on NW 1st Avenue and all switchers are complete on 1600 and 1700 blocks. We anticipate two weeks of switchover work on the 1800 block.
Jan 10th
New parking and street signs have been installed on the entire street. The roadway is complete and get a final pave once all of the utility poles are removed.
Dec 7th
COX and AT&T are currently working to relocate their overhead lines into the new infrastructure for the entire project. Street amenities (benches, bike racks, street signage, scooter rails, trash and recycle bins) are to be installed once all utility poles are removed. 
Dec 4th
Street lighting is in place and waiting for a transformer install & activation by GRU on the 1700 block. GRU Electric Primary installation is scheduled to start December 4th. This includes two weeks of wire install and an additional week of transformer installation. 
Nov 16th
The entire underground infrastructure is complete, including the conduit network for COX, AT&T, GRU Gas, GRU Water, GRU Electric (primary and secondary), street lighting, tree root infrastructure (Silva Cells), and tree irrigation.
Nov 6th
All intersections along NW 1st Avenue (from 20th, 19th, 18th, 17th and 16th Streets) are now complete with pavers in the crosswalk. Minor concrete work will continue in the next few weeks along with installing street accessories i.e. benches and more bike racks.
Oct 25th
1800 Block: Completed items include: concrete work, road grading and paving, paver installation at intersection of NW 1st Ave and Stadium Club, sidewalk pavers and trees installed to bump outs. Utility conversions with GRU are up next.
Oct 16th
1600 & 1900 Blocks: Major construction work is complete, including: road paving and pavers at the four intersections.
Sep 20th
1700 Block: Majority of concrete work (sidewalks and curbs) is complete. Finishing final grading of road base. Installed pavers and trees to bump outs. Bike racks, benches and other street accessories to be installed.
Sep 5th
1600 Block: Trees were planted and pavers installed along the block. Bike racks and benches will be installed in mid-September.
Sep 1st
1900 Block: Existing lights were replaced with new LED lights.
Aug 18th
1600 block: Installation of new LED light poles on this block is nearing completion. Bike racks, trees and paver installation along the street is in progress.
Aug 14th
1900 Block: Received the first layer of asphalt and road striping and new LED light poles.
Aug 14th
1600 Block: Received the first layer of asphalt and striping.
Jul 31st
1700 & 1800 Blocks: Installation of Silva Cells, the tree growth support system, is planned to begin by the end of the month.
Jul 20th
1600 & 1900 Blocks: Concrete work on sidewalks, parking lanes and driveways is nearing completion. First layer of asphalt to follow.
Jul 18th
All Blocks: Joint utility trench (electric, data, phone) is complete on 1600, 1800, and 1900 blocks; and is anticipated to be fully complete (1700 block) by the end of July.
Jul 14th
All Blocks: Water and gas pipes are completely installed on all four blocks.
Jun 30th
1800 Block: In efforts to accelerate the schedule, up to three crews (GRU, AT&T and COX) are working simultaneously on the Joint Utility Trench. This is nearing completion.
Jun 27th
1700 & 1800 Blocks: Demo is complete and we’re underground working on water and utilities. Here a new 6 inch water main is complete, west to east, between 19th Street to 17th Street to provide water service to surrounding properties. Currently working to finish the storm water upgrades on the 1700 block.
Jun 17th
1600 & 1900 Blocks: Curbs, new parking spaces and new sidewalks are nearing completion.
May 15th
1900 Block: New driveways installed on the residences.
May 9th
1600 Block: New concrete sidewalks, curbs and driveways are in progress on the 1600 block. The crew first excavates the curb, then forms the final grade and shape before pouring concrete into the final path and driveway.
Apr 19th
1600 Block: The team began digging for curb and gutter concrete pouring on the south side of NW 1st Ave. The linear dig out area will be filled with dirt within the week.
Apr 11th
1900 Block: Currently finishing underground installation of AT&T and street lighting circuits. Finalizing tie-ins of new GRU gas line and GRU Electric conduits to existing transformers.
Apr 1st
1600 Block: Silva Cells installation to support new trees. These cells increase a tree's survival rate in urban environments by allowing tree roots to expand underground and prevents sidewalks from getting broken up above ground. See the Blog to learn more about Silva Cells.
Mar 10th
1600 Block: Completed install of new underground infrastructure for GRU Electric, GRU Gas, GRU Com, COX, and AT&T.
Mar 8th
1900 Block: Completed removal of existing curbs and sidewalks on South side of road to allow for install of new joint utility trench.
Feb 21st
1600 Block: Utilities go underground with the removal of power lines and phone lines. Our local partners: COX, AT&T & GRU are all here to lend a hand. A cleaner, clearer view is on the way!
Feb 20th
1900 Block: Completed testing of new 8” water main to allow for connection to existing GRU system.
Feb 17th
1900 Block: Completed install of new 8” water main under north side of the roadway.
Feb 8th
1900 Block: Completed removal of existing curbs and sidewalks on North side of road to allow for install of new 8” water main.
Jan 30th
1600 Block: Completed removal of existing concrete curbs and sidewalks to allow for install of new underground utilities and silva cell system.
Jan 23rd
1600 & 1900 Blocks: Removed existing asphalt from roadway to allow for trenching in new underground Utilities.
Jan 6th
1600 Block: Install Potable water line and laterals. Start of the earth moving, first trench / utility in the ground
Dec 27th
Site Mobilization with all teams.