Storefront Series 4: Pascal's Coffeehouse

A major renovation is underway over at Pascal’s Coffeehouse & Christian Study Center — off of NW 1st Avenue and 16 Street. Pascal’s Coffeehouse is an initiative of the Christian Study Center of Gainesville (CSC).

Their two-story location offers visitors a place to relax or reflect, alongside well-sourced coffee and a selection of pastries from Gainesville’s favorite bakeries.

Pascal’s and the CSC were already engaged in interior renovation, and with the help of the CRA Facade Grant they decided to extend their vision outdoors.

Their facade project was tackled in three phases.

Phase One – Planning: 2016

Architectural schematic design development with local architects, The Sustainable Design Group, was sponsored by the CRA Midtown Architectural Assistance Program (at an 85% subsidy).

Schematic design concepts focused on increasing the usability of Pascal’s outdoor space and improving the front porch area and parking lot. A standing bar and benches were added to expand the cafe’s seating, as well as landscaping and parking lot improvements.

Pascal's during the power wash and paint period.

Phase Two – Building and Parking Upgrades: 2017

  • Power washing and painting of the entire building
  • Replacing all gutters, installing electric wiring for outdoor outlets, lighting, and fans
  • Resurfacing and expanding the parking lot to include new bikes and scooters parking
  • Improving the walkway between the parking and main building entrance
  • Roughing in piping for irrigation new outdoor

Phase Three – Patio and Bathroom Renovations: 2018

  • Installing new patio tables, chairs, and planters
  • Installing new patio lights and fans
  • Installing new awning and signs
  • Interior bathroom renovation
An outdoor standing bar outside the entrance.
New bike racks installed in the parking lot.
New planters were created for the front exterior.

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